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The new kid on the block

    image of diamond blades

    C6 Diamond LLC, the official licensed manufacturer of Cat® Diamond Tools, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exceptional range of Diamond Cutting products in North and South America. Our products have been designed specifically with uniquely engineered segments and geometry that offer an unparalleled cutting experience, combining speed, longevity, and enhanced productivity.

    Cat® Diamond Tools’ cutting-edge segment design and geometry revolutionize the cutting process, making it faster and more efficient while extending the lifespan of the blades. Our meticulously crafted segments made from high-quality rare earth powders and ultra-high quality diamond grit, combined with optimized segment geometry, are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, enabling professionals to complete their tasks with exceptional speed and precision. By incorporating advanced design techniques, we have created tools that provide much faster cutting and have a longer lifespan, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

    Furthermore, our focus on safety remains paramount. Cat® Diamond Tools’ segments undergo meticulous engineering and rigorous testing to ensure the utmost safety for users. Each product is subjected to stringent quality control measures, meeting the highest safety standards in the industry (EN12236). This commitment to safety ensures that professionals can confidently perform their cutting and grinding tasks without compromise.

    In addition to our innovative segment design and geometry, Cat® Diamond Tools has gained a reputation for superior quality and durability. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing diamond tools, C6 Diamond has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, delivering products of uncompromising quality.

    To ensure easy accessibility of our products, we have recently forged new partnerships with renowned distributors in North America, including Medart Engine Inc, Gardner Inc, and H2 Diamond Tools. These established distributors have a strong track record of delivering top-quality products and services, enabling us to expand our reach and become a leading provider of diamond tools in these regions.

    Furthermore, our recent launch in Paraguay with Fapasisa marks our entry into the South American market. Fapasisa, a respected distributor of construction tools in the country, empowers us to offer our innovative products to customers in the region.

    “We are thrilled to be launching our products in North and South America with the new distributors,” said Ian Clarke, CEO of C6 Diamond LLC. “The Cat® Diamond Tools range sets a new standard for cutting performance. Professionals in the construction and manufacturing industries can expect faster cutting, longer tool life, and increased productivity as a result of continuous testing of available blades in the USA throughout the last 4 years of R&D. We are confident that customers will highly regard our products in these regions. We are also excited about our plans for further expansion, not only in North and South/Central America but across the globe, from Australia to Europe and Canada.”

    The launch in North and South America is a testament to Cat® Diamond Tools’ ongoing expansion strategy. We are dedicated to providing high-quality diamond tools to customers worldwide and continually exploring new opportunities to expand our reach. With Cat® Diamond Tools, professionals can rely on our unique segment design and geometry for faster cutting, longer tool life, increased productivity, and the utmost safety, ensuring efficiency, durability, and peace of mind in their cutting applications.