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The World's Leading Diamond Tool Manufacturer

C6 diamond is the leading diamond tool manufacturer and innovator with over 25 years industry experience.

C6 Diamond
A worker cutting steel with a circular steel cutter.

Why We Are In High Regards

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World Leading Diamond Tools

C6 Diamond, the official manufacturer of Cat® Diamond Tools under licence (, we strive to be a dominant global force in the industrial diamond tool sector. C6 have gained an enviable reputation for the innovation, design and manufacture of world leading diamond consumables. C6 has gained the respect and admiration for their innovative products, quality, integrity and sound business policies of which we are distinctly proud of.


C6 has invested in advanced analytical instruments and comprehensive laboratories for metallurgical chemical analysis, physical testing, mechanical testing, geochemical and petrological analysis. The major research and design activities at the point of manufacture are conventional mechanical testing which includes fracture mechanics, fracture physics and failure analysis and industrial applications.

With a long accumulation of technology and innovation over the past 25 years, we have continuously developed optimal diamond tools throughout the industry.

C6 has a very strong team consisting of several world-leading metallurgists, at the point of manufacture, working continuously on the research and development of new diamond tools.

We continuously invest in new technology to ensure the consumer is getting the best possible experience. We believe the investment back into the business allows us to give the best products to you.





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